4 Ways Smart Home Technology Solutions are Revolutionizing Senior Living

When you hear the term “smart home technology” you probably think of young, tech-savvy people, right? While it’s true that younger generations are the most likely to be using smart home tech, it has a lot of benefits for senior citizens as well.

Forty percent of seniors own cell phones now, which is double the number that did just 5 years ago! Seniors are becoming more tech savvy, have access to tablets, smartphones, laptops, and the Internet.

Here are 4 smart home technology solutions that are a great addition for the seniors in your life.

Why Smart Home Technology?

Smart home tech can make life easier for everyone, young or older, but it has some specific benefits in the homes of the elderly. Smart home devices can make your home more comfortable, make entertainment easier to access, and probably most importantly, can make you and your home safer.

Caregivers can also check in on residents through this technology and have some piece of mind while the seniors are still living on their own. Smart devices are one of the top trends in senior living developments. 

Home Technology Solutions to Simplify Your Life

Smart home devices are actually pretty affordable and easy to set up. A smartphone and an Internet connection are usually the only things you need to smarten up your home.

Alarm Systems

Smart alarm systems allow you to arm and disarm your alarm from anywhere- your bed, while you’re out and about, or even traveling.

Many of them also incorporate two-way technology where you can talk to a live person if you have a medical emergency or someone is trying to break in. They can call the authorities or for medical help if you need it.

Some companies also provide smart smoke detectors, which send an alert right to the company if there is smoke or a fire. This allows them to call the fire department and direct them to your home.

Security Cameras and Doorbells

Security cameras on your doors and a video doorbell that allows you to see who is at your door help ensure that you aren’t letting in people who are unknown. Caregivers can also log in to see what’s happening at your home.

Wearable Devices

Wearable health monitoring devices can help monitor your health and to alert paramedics if you suffer a medical episode. From smart glucose monitoring devices to a smart blood pressure cuff, you can monitor your health easily and share this with your doctor.

Other devices to keep you safe include wearable fall alert devices or medical alert devices if you can’t get to a phone.

Home Assistant Devices

Whether you get Alexa, a Google Home, or some other device, these home assistants can do everything from adding things to your grocery list, remembering dates, telling you the weather, or operating smart devices like lights, your thermostat, or your home cleaning devices.

The Bottom Line

Smart home technology solutions aren’t just for simplifying your life. They can help keep our vulnerable populations safe as well. As you are developing new senior properties, consider incorporating smart home technology into your designs.

To learn more about senior living and managing senior properties, contact us today.

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