Operations and Marketing Audits for Senior Living Communities

Is your senior living community operating at its full potential? Are you maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts?

Paradigm Senior Living conducts comprehensive operational audits and marketing audits. Let the results provide you with actionable insights and recommendations for improvements.

Let’s create a marketing plan with the goals and objectives of your community today!

Operational Audits for Maximizing Your Senior Living Community

The senior living industry is about to boom. Is your community ready? Let’s conduct an operational audit with our featured services:

Evaluation of business organization:

We assess the effectiveness of your community’s organizational structure and suggest improvements if necessary.

Budget and business planning:

We scrutinize your budgeting process and business plans to ensure they align with your community’s goals and objectives.

Management systems:

We review your management systems to verify they are efficient and effective.

Staffing levels:

We analyze staffing levels to ascertain they adequately meet the needs of your community.

Major operating practices:

We examine your practices for efficiency and compliance with industry standards.

Team utilization:

We evaluate how effectively your team is utilized and provide recommendations for improvement.

Training, recruitment, and selection:

We delve into your team’s training, recruitment, and selection processes to ensure they are robust and effective.

Equipment utilization:

We assess the usage of your equipment to confirm it is being used effectively and efficiently.

Community usage and needs:

We review the use of your community and identify any unmet needs or opportunities for improvement.

Our highly interactive audits seek input from resident and team member satisfaction questionnaires. This hands-on approach ensures that our analysis is not just an internal review but one that genuinely reflects the experiences and insights of those who know your community best.

Stand Above The Competition with Our Marketing Audit

Our audit for senior living marketing examines your community’s identity, services, people, systems, strategies, and expenditures. We’ll help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your current marketing strategies and provide targeted recommendations to enhance your goals, social media presence, and SEO potential.

Senior living communities often waste time and money on digital marketing without understanding why. Our auditing processes aim to eliminate this “blind shotgun approach,” helping you to invest effectively and efficiently in marketing efforts that yield tangible results.

Our Audit for Senior Living Operations Will Tell You What Others Won’t!

With our unique operations and marketing audit methodology, we can review and analyze a range of your activities. These include:

Community identification/differentiation

Community relationship marketing effectiveness

Planning methods

Public relations

Assessment of service offerings

Market research

Budget control audits

Competitive intelligence

Staff utilization and performance evaluation

Lead tracking and fulfillment systems

Strategic alliance opportunities


Identification of niche opportunities

Budget expenditure/benefit analysis

Client satisfaction

Our hands-on experience in senior living operations provides us with the unique ability to understand the assumptions and realities behind the numbers. We help put your project on track and keep it there.

Contact Us Today to Operate at Your Highest Potential

Contact us about our operations and marketing audit services for a no-obligation discussion at (877) 287-6868. Let’s work together to ensure the long-term success of your senior living community.

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