Efficient HR Solutions for Senior Living Communities

Property owners have enough to worry about between exceptional housing, care, and engaging older adults. Streamline your business hassles with our specialized human resources for senior living.

Paradigm’s HR for senior living and personnel services are designed to simplify your life, giving you more time to focus on your residents, financial matters, and family. Get started today!

Streamlining HR Operations

We offer practical solutions to ease the burden of administrative tasks, allowing you to manage and grow your senior living community seamlessly. Our services include:

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1. Developing Clear HR Policies

Our team helps craft easy-to-understand policies, handbooks, and procedures that enhance efficiency and give you more time for essential tasks.

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2. Staff Leasing Support

Through a partnership with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), we help stabilize your cash flow, manage risks, and offer top-notch employee benefits.

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3. Senior Living HR Management Software

Our user-friendly cloud-based HR Management software improves documentation accuracy, reducing time spent on administrative senior living human resources tasks.

The Power of Employee Leasing

Embrace a co-employment model with Paradigm Senior Living, where we become the co-employer of your team. This allows us to handle various responsibilities, including:

Workers’ compensation

Unemployment insurance

Medical benefits

Payroll taxes

Day-to-day on-site supervision

Staffing (hiring and firing)

Daily operations of the business

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We will assume certain risks and responsibilities, allowing you to concentrate on mission-critical tasks and objectives.

Staffing Services Tailored to Your Needs

By entering into a contractual legal arrangement known as permanent employee leasing, Paradigm Senior Living becomes the employer of record. This includes responsibility for payroll administration, taxes and withholding, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, medical benefits, and regulatory compliance.

Benefits to Business Owners and Managers:

  • More time for operational and marketing challenges
  • Controlled costs and managed risk
  • Improved cash flow
  • Competitive recruitment edge with comprehensive benefit packages
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Benefits to Employees:

  • Access to retirement and health care benefits
  • Prompt, accurate payroll delivery
  • Industry-specific training

Safety Services

Enjoy professional assistance in preventing workplace injuries, improving safety awareness, workplace safety evaluations, OSHA compliance, and more.

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Claims Services

After an injury, count on us for serious accident investigations, claims management, easy claims reporting, return-to-work assistance, and workers’ compensation claim fraud awareness.

Comprehensive Benefits Information

Explore our major medical and dental plans designed for flexibility, lower out-of-pocket expenses, and competitive premium rates. We also offer additional insurance products, including life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment, voluntary options, and disability coverage.

Opt for a Flexible Spending Account and 401(k) Retirement Plan, allowing employees to save for retirement while enjoying tax benefits.

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Simplifying Your Hiring Process

Are state regulations slowing down your hiring process? Paradigm Senior Living provides affordable pre-employment screening services, delivering essential information for confident hiring decisions.

Join the Growth Movement with Senior Living Human Resources

As the industry evolves, embrace the advantages of PEOs. Paradigm Senior Living is here to support your journey with proven HR solutions, transforming how small and medium-sized senior living communities operate.

You are not alone. Paradigm Senior Living is your strategic partner, helping you focus more on developing your business while ensuring the well-being of your community.

Learn More About Our Specialized Services for Senior Living HR!

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