They Don’t Want to Be a Burden: 5 Reasons Seniors Pick Assisted Living Over Living with Family

Over 800,000 senior Americans decide to live in an assisted living community as opposed to living with family. 

Moving out of the home and into a retirement facility can be a difficult decision when they are filled with decades of memories.  

But, after seeing the amenities and activities provided by these communities, seniors view their transition as a way to be independent without burdening their loved ones. 

In fact, an assisted living facility offers a number of reasons why it is a better option than trying to live in your current house or living with family. 

Here is why seniors choose assistant living. 

Regular Houses Don’t Accommodate Aging

The house you moved into when you were in your 30’s may not be as accommodating in your 80’s.

Stairs can be cumbersome when joints ache or you have an injury. Large floor plans mean more cleaning and walking to get to another room. And bathrooms turn into a slippery hazard.

Senior living facilities cater to the needs of seniors with one-level housing and conveniently-styled bathrooms.

Personal Assistance May Be Needed

Moving in with family might seem like a good option to get extra help when you need it. But, consider the busy lives of your family.

Their work schedule limits their time at home. Also, they may be physically unable or unqualified to assist with necessities like bathing or keeping track of medications.

In a living facility, healthcare professionals and assistance is right next door.

Difficult to Travel for Errands

Driving may be off the table for you, and family cannot always be there to help you be independent.

Communities offer shuttles to local shops, doctor’s offices, and entertainment center.

Staying At Home Can Be Lonely

Your family can only accompany you when their scheduled allow. Plus, the generational gap may have you feeling out-of-place and in need of common companionship.

Other seniors love to mingle in common recreational areas, dining halls, and each other’s homes.

This is the perfect place to meet new friends that are just a phone call away.

Homes Don’t Provide Security

While technology can assist seniors in keeping their home monitored with alarms and cameras, your home can still be vulnerable. 

Security guards and your neighbors in a living facility are more personal and reliable than gadgets that still leave you alone in the house.

Loss of Independence

Whether living with family or staying in your current home, you will slowly lose your independence as you rely on others.

Family members run their home differently than you prefer, and you may need to rely on them to get around, cook, or use the bathroom.

Assistant living gives you the means to travel and take care of yourself as much as possible. 

Living with Family Means Personality Clashing

It’s nice to see family on the weekend and holidays, but living together can create problems. 

Families with small kids or teenagers can be a strain on seniors who are finished with the everyday stress of child rearing and busy lifestyles. 

Does Your Community Need Assisted Living?

The more communities available to seniors the better as it can keep them close to their familiar neighborhoods and family.

Adding a retirement facility to your community can help give seniors options other than living with family. It can also provide peace of mind knowing elders are cared for and live fulfilling lives.

Find out which kind of assisted living facility is right for your community by visiting our web site.

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